Orthopaedic Services

orthopaedics-featureAt American Self, we  specialize in diagnosing and treating functional disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletel system, hastening your return to function, strength, flexibility and stamina. In addition, we offer quick and convenient access to a world-class orthopedic doctor, Terry L. Whipple, M.D.,F.A.C.S.

We’re able to help you address yourOrthopaedic needs through non-surgical treatments and injection therapy.  To learn more, call us at 804.290.0060 or complete our contact form.

Orthopaedic Areas of Focus

2nd Opinion, Inc.TM

Our 2nd Opinion, Inc service is medical education available for patients facing confusing treatment options.

  • Analysis of your case history
  • Review of your previous surgeries, x-rays, MRI’s
  • Physical examination
  • Review of your priorities
  • Discussion of urgency versus delay, risks, prognosis, costs, recuperation, travel options, job requirements, retirement planning, whatever is important to you.

Following your consult, you may go wherever you wish for your surgery and care or discuss referral options.

PLEASE NOTE: 2nd Opinion, Inc is not covered by insurance.